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7th Dragon 2020 English PSP PPSSPP

Download 7th Dragon 2020 English PSP PPSSPP

7th Dragon 2020 PSP PPSSPP

7th Dragon 2020 PSP ISO English Patch – When players start their journey, they can create their own characters from the following classes: Mage, Princess, Rogue, Knight, Samurai, Fighter, or Healer. Outside of battle the characters will be viewed traveling the overworld from an overhead perspective, while the battles are viewed from a side perspective showing each character as they attack their foes.

7th Dragon 2020 English Patch ISO – was released in Japan on November 23, 2011 for the PlayStation Portable. It features polygon graphics and takes place in the near-future in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo in the year 2020, where the dragons have invaded the city. This game features new classes revamped for modern times, with the exception of Samurai. The vocaloid Hatsune Miku appeared as an official collaboration aspect of the game, appearing in the opening theme song sequence as well as the voice provider for optional DIVA Mode remixed songs.

Name: 7th Dragon 2020
Genre: RPG
Developer: Imageepoch
Publisher: Sega
Platform: PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Language: English
Play this using: PSP console, Emulator PPSSPP

Patch Info:
Patch version: v0.91
Progress: 100%
Translation Credits: Cavespeak
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